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275 Great Valley Parkway
Malvern, PA 1355
United States
610 407 4700

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Silicon Power Corporation, with corporate headquarters in Malvern, PA, is a globally recognized technology-solutions-provider for the design, development, testing, and manufacturing of high-power semiconductor devices and high-power system for use in Defense, Avionics, Medical, Utility and Industrial applications.

Under the leadership of Dr. Harshad Mehta, President and CEO, Silicon Power Corporation developed and perfected the Solidtron SGTO® solid-state device; a ‘keystone building block’ to support un-limited development of components, modules and systems to meet pulse-power commercial, industrial and defense power application and needs.

Silicon Power Corporation is the recipient of the 2007 R&D 100 Award for SGTO® devices, authored and carries more than 100 patents, and has earned a pristine reputation for development of application-specific technological solutions demanded by industry and defense.

Silicon Power Corporation offers a complete line of modular, high-power, solid-state distribution switchgear, compliant to all voltage classes; urban, suburban and utility/grid scale applications.

Currently Silicon Power Corporation is developing a series of SMART products and systems for insertion into Utility Transmission and Distribution Systems; utilizing a novel current mode resonant conversion circuit (rather than hard switching) with SGTO® devices (rather than IGBTs or power MOSFETs) and SiC based Schottkys diodes thus achieving low loss, high reliable, low stress, compact equipment and systems.

This series of quality products and systems will eliminate expense of maintenance, environmental problems associate with liquid cooling, be modular and scalable.

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