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Tactical Technologies Inc. is a global leader in countermeasure development tools and technology.

TTI’s offerings include a broad range of modeling and simulation based analytical tools, technology and services related to:

Radars and radar guided weapons

Infrared guided weapons

Electronic countermeasures against radar and infrared guided weapons.

TTI was established in 1988 as independent EW/ECM consulting engineering and support organization.  In the 1990’s, TTI started its transformation into a product company using modeling and simulation based technology to develop engagement analysis tools.  TTI is based in Ottawa, Canada’s national capital and focuses on producing high fidelity system modeling and dynamic engagement simulations for the assessment of self-protection countermeasures.  The dynamic simulated engagements of platforms against radar and infrared guided weapon systems support the derivation of end-game missile miss-distance and probability of survival metrics based on the dynamic interactions that occur between the threat and the target under user defined scenario conditions.  Tactical Technologies Inc produces TTI’s Tactical Engagement Simulation Software™ (TESS™) for the international Electronic Warfare market.

TESS is a family of COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) simulation products that are open, physics-based simulations and used in EW Operational Support Centers, Air and Maritime Warfare Centers, Intelligence Agencies, Operational Research, and EW Engineering Agencies in more than thirty countries around the world.

TESS products enable the user to analyze, evaluate and develop an understanding of countermeasure effectiveness. Through its regular and hands-on training courses TTI also supports its clients in the establishment of facilities and infrastructure for developing electronic countermeasures and tactics.

TESS integrated engagement simulations offer powerful and unique analytical capabilities that support:

· Electronic Warfare Operational Support and Integrated Reprogramming Centers

· Development of autonomous national countermeasures expertise.

· Development of effective self-protection tactics and countermeasure programs for improved platform survivability.

· Test and evaluation of countermeasures in hardware-in-the-loop systems.

· Training of operators in countermeasures (electronic attack) and counter-countermeasures (electronic protection) tactics.

Tactical Engagement Simulation Software consists of:

· Air RF – Radar Guided Weapon Simulations

   o SAM(CG)/AAA Command Guided Surface-to-Air Missiles and Anti-Aircraft Artillery

   o SAAM(SA) Semi-Active Homing Surface-to-Air and Air-to-Air Missiles with non-coherent Target Tracking Radar

   o SAAM(SA/TVM) Semi-Active Homing Surface-to-Air, Air-to-Air and Surface-to-Air Track-via-Missile Missiles with a coherent pulse Doppler Target Tracking Radar

   o SAAM(APD) Active Pulse Doppler Homing Surface-to-Air and Air-to-Air Missiles

· Air IR – Infrared Guided Weapon Simulation

     o SAAM(IR): Passive Infrared Homing Surface-to-Air and Air-to-Air Missiles

· Sea RF – Anti-Ship Radar Guided Weapon Simulation

   o ASM(AR): Active Radar Guided Anti-Ship Missiles

· Sea IR – Anti-Ship Infrared Guided Weapon Simulation

   o ASM(IR): Passive Imaging Infrared Homing Anti-Ship Missile

· Other TESS Simulations

   o MSR: Multifunction Surveillance Radar

   o ILAPS: Integrated Land Active Protection System

   o IASMD - Integrated Anti-Ship Missile Defence system simulation infrastructure that supports evaluation of combined soft and hard kill ship protection.

For more information contact TTI at info at tti-ecm.com

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