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Here, the most advanced aerospace engine ever designed: THE MULTIPLE THRUSTER AEROSPACE ENGINE. The engine is made of small, easy to develop and less expensive thrusters. These thrusters can be controlled individually so a flight vehicle can be maneuvered using a differential thrust vectoring once the main nozzle is retracted all the way up and exposing the primary set of nozzles. This makes it cheap Different types of thrusters ranging from solid and liquid propellant ones up to hybrid, nuclear and magneto –hydrodynamic thrusters can be exchanged within the engine.the engine provides a 16 % increase in thrust or a 20 % reduction in propellant volume flow rate per sec, when compared to a tradicional single chamber engine of same size and volume. We are looking for a company interested in using this engine on an exclusive basis. If your company is interested, please let me know so we as a team may further proceed. Thank you Ignacio Quesada President ACS Communications.

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