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LIDAX develops Advanced Mechanical Systems for operating in extreme environments (cryogenics & space) or/and high performances (OGSE & MGSE, on ground science & astronomical instrumentation, flight hardware …) Complete Product Life Cycle is controlled by Quality Standard EN 9100 (Aerospace) LIDAX expertises on Cryogenics, as in: - Techniques for optimum Design and Analyses of cryogenics instruments (CAD-FEM-Optical Design) - Practical solutions for bolted joints, harness & connectors construction & selection, etc - Behaviour of proximity sensors, actuators & components - Stress relief process for mechanical parts & elements - Cryogenic tests methodologies for high resolution mechanisms (nm) LIDAX offers: - High level of competence to be responsible of complete subsystems and new product development - Moderate labour cost (SME) - Partnership for high level multidisciplinary subsystems - In situ technical support on LIDAX specialization areas

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