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Gremline is the FREE online Flight Safety Digest serving the General Aviation community. Articles on flight safety issues are published monthly and for the most part are based on actual incidents. Sectors covered include fixed and rotary wing, soaring, paragliding and microlights. Gremline also serves as an information portal and publishes news releases and announcements from official and not-for-profit organisations on the Forum page. The site also includes a comprehensive Aviation Bookshop. Readers are invited to register for free e-mail updates.

The Managing Editor of Gremline is John Stewart-Smith. John can demonstrate impressive flying experience as a Royal Air force pilto and subsequently as a civilian pilot flying military aircraft. Past responsibilities have included selecting, test flying and negotiating contracts for the supply of new aircraft systems. John has a long track record as a flight safety specialist. He joined the RAF Air Staff as Fighter Command Flight Safety Officer. He instructed at the King Faisal Air Academy of the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force and later established a flight safety organisation that covered military and civil aviation throughout the United Arab Emirates. He went on to function as Flight Safety Officer for the Royal Navy FRADU unit alongside his role as a civilian pilot flying military aircraft on weapons trials. Until 2001 he was a member of the General Aviation Safety Council and editor of their journal 'The Flight Safety Bulletin'. John was a founding independent member of the GA Confidential Human Incident Reporting Programme [CHIRP] and still serves on the Board.


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