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Franz - Josef - Strauss - Str. 5
86153 Augsburg
+49 821 505-01

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MT Aerospace AG, the former MAN Technologie AG, is a well-established supplier in the aeronautic, aerospace and defence sector; a partner for antennas, mechatronic systems and related services. In the field of aerospace we develop and produce components and subsystems for launchers, satellites and orbital transfer systems. Today MT Aerospace AG supplies approx. 10% of the hardware for the European launcher ARIANE 5 and is the most important supplier for this program outside France. The related operations and maintenance sector on site in Kourou/French Guyana is responsible for the ARIANE 5 integration and launch facilities. The sector Aeronautic and Defence develops and produces lightweight tanks and structures for Airbus as well as components and subsystems for special aeronautic applications. As an experienced system partner the Antennas and Mechatronic sector develops and produces mechatronic systems both for antennas and telescopes, which are installed all over the world.

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