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Alion Science and Technology Corporation (United States)

Alion Science and Technology is an employee-owned technology solutions company delivering technical expertise and operational support to the Department of Defense, civilian government agencies and commercial customers.
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Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company (United States)

Air Defense; Ammunition; Anti-Terrorism; Armor; Explosives/Pyrotechnics; Fuzes/Timers; Missiles and Rockets; Missile Defense; Non-Lethal Technologies; Precision Munitions; Small Arms/Crew Served Weapons; Space Systems; Special Operations; Underwater
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G-Max Security tech Ltd (Israel)

G-Max has been developing, manufacturing and marketing the world''s most advanced and complete line of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems and Video surveillance for military, industrial and commercial applications on a worldwide basis.
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Society of Maritime Industries (United Kingdom)

The Society of Maritime Industries is the voice of the UK's maritime business sector promoting and supporting companies which build, refit and modernise warships, and supply equipment and services for all types of commercial and naval ships, ports an
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Trinity Defense Group (Israel)

Executive Protection, Security Training, counter terrorism, security consultancy, homeland security, adventure training, K9, Maritime security, defense solutions, corporate security,
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Valley Associates Inc. (Canada)

perimeter security, interoperability, communication systems, ship systems, products designed for police, military, and security forces. tactical needs, energetic material, distraction devices, shape charges, specialty explosives
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